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Selected Artworks: 2020

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Fall 2022

Time is a Flat Circle, We'll Be Here Again
Artist with BASILISK

Spring/Summer 2022

Source code.JPG
Simulation Series.jpg

Fall/Winter 2021

Artwork by Joe Taveras in Galerie Michael on Rodeo Drive
Unseen Light_edited.jpg
Simulation Series.jpg

Summer 2021

Cyberwave in Galerie Michael.jpg
Free Will (Branding).JPG
Beach Daze (Branding).JPG
Artist Portrait 7.jpeg

Spring 2021

The Disrupted Series
South End Chillin & Enter the Void
Series (Behind-The-Scenes).JPG
The Glitch Series

Dark Winter 2020 

Dark Winter 1
Dark Winter 2
Sore Loser
Joe Taveras in the Studio 2020

Fall 2020 (September)

Days before the Studio

Days Before the Studio

Early 2020 (March - May)

Quarantine era, painting in garage in Los Angeles, CA.

Joe Taveras with Quarantine Artworks 2020
Joe Taveras with Quarantine Artworks 2020
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