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The NEW Series


Despite being new to me, I found myself immediately taking to printmaking. For this collection of prints, I used rubber and linoleum blockprinting techniques along with screenprinting. Being able to layer prints, mix media, and experiment with these new tools has been extremely eye-opening and these works are without a doubt going to lead to new directions in my practice.

Accidental Portrait

8.5x11in   |  edition of 1

Energy Center Study

16x12in.  |  edition of 1

8.5x11in. |  edition of 1


11x14in   |   edition of 1

8.5x11in   |   edition of 10

Portrait Study

8.5x11in  |   edition of 10


8.5x11in   |   edition of 1

11x14in. |  edition of 1

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