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LA Group Exhibition: Abstract Frequency

Los Angeles, CA – This past Thursday evening, Wienholt Projects hosted the opening reception of Abstract Frequency, a group exhibition that explored the spiritual realm through abstract painting, from a group of artists that come from a variety of backgrounds. Among the celebrated artists, Joe Taveras shone bright with his vibrant, mixed-media artworks that drew a great crowd and captivated collectors. The event, held on March 14th from 7 - 9pm, was not just an exhibition but a celebration of the ways in which the evolution of consciousness is finding its way into the timeless medium of painting.

Joe Taveras, with a background that combines robotics and art, presented two medium-sized works, one from 2022 and one from 2024, that showcased a powerful evolution of style. His pieces, alive with bold colors and dynamic forms, offer a visual exploration of the infinite potential of the human mind.

The evening was a resounding success, with an impressive turnout of art enthusiasts, collectors, and fellow artists. The presence of Joe's collectors, many of whom have closely followed his journey and supported his work, added a personal touch to the event, emphasizing the strong connections fostered within the art community.

Abstract Frequency features alongside Joe Taveras, the talents of Preston Douglas, Jerry McLaughin, Britt Michaelian, and Russell Young – each artist bringing their unique perspectives and backgrounds to the canvas. This diversity in approach and experience underlines the exhibition's theme: the continuous dialogue between abstract art and societal development. From Douglas's fashion-influenced pieces to Young's primal energy explorations, the exhibition is a testament to abstract art's enduring relevance and adaptability.

Wienholt Projects, under the visionary guidance of Aubrie Wienholt, continues to push the boundaries of traditional exhibitions, offering a platform for innovative works that challenge and expand the art field. The gallery's commitment to fostering a deep understanding of artists' roles in society resonates through its curated events, including Abstract Frequency and, recently, Interreality.

For those who could not attend the opening or wish to delve deeper into Joe Taveras's artistic philosophy, we have exciting news. During the Opening Reception, Joe participated in an artist talk, engaging in a thoughtful Q&A session with attendees. This conversation, covering his creative process, inspirations, and the themes explored in his artworks, has been recorded and is available here. It offers a rare, intimate glimpse into the mind of a truly innovative artist, and we encourage everyone to view it.

Abstract Frequency will remain on view at Wienholt Projects until March 28th.

For more information about the exhibition and future events, please visit Wienholt Projects' website: and follow them on Instagram @wienholtprojects. Joe Taveras's journey can also be followed on Instagram @joetaveras.

Wienholt Projects Gallery Hours: March 14 - March 28

M-Fri: 11-7pm

Sat: 2-8pm



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