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On Friday June 17th, 2022, Boston artists Joe Taveras and Matt Moloney officially launched the NEW RENAISSANCE TRIBUNE: a newspaper that is dedicated to sharing the authentic expression happening around the artists in the Greater Boston Area. Using printmaking techniques that Moloney has been refining for years, the artists hand-printed every copy of the first issue of the newspaper. Hundreds of copies were made and spread around Boston. No two copy is the same as some can be found with extra letters, drawings, and more.

Additionally, Moloney and Taveras printed two Limited Collector's Editions of the first issue of the newspaper both on large newsprint paper and medium-sized printmaking paper.


Over the first weekend of its existence, the NEW RENAISSANCE TRIBUNE gained thousands of combined readers and some of the prints from the Limited Collector's Edition series have been acquired into collections where they will hang alongside artists Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Salvador Dali, and more.

The NEW RENAISSANCE TRIBUNE is a collaborative project between Joe Taveras and Matt Moloney and they hope that it can be a NEW way to shine light on the creative expression in the city of Boston.

“Working on the New Renaissance tribune has been truly an impactful experience on my printmaking journey. Using old-school printmaking methods to hand-print local news in 2022; what a dream.” - Matt Moloney

If you are interested in learning more about the NEW RENAISSANCE TRIBUNE, simply send an email to


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