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Artists for Humanity

The Stardust Series

( 4/8/21  -  4/9/21)

A collection of 18 artworks acquired by the Cambridge restaurant @littledonkeyboston . These paintings (which are double-sided) will serve as the safety dividers for the restaurant when they re-open on 4/12/2021! Each piece is completely unique, but they all tell a story of interconnectedness - it’s only right that a story like this would live in a restaurant setting.

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Once the dividers are no longer needed in the restaurant, a selection of them will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to Artists for Humanity . I believe that one of the best ways to explore interconnectedness is through the creation, admiration, and experience of art. Artists for Humanity provides under-resourced teens the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design.

Auction Information
Artist Joe Taveras in Restaurant

Artists for Humanity is built on the philosophy that engagement in the creative process is a powerful force for social change, and that creative entrepreneurship is a productive and life-changing opportunity for young people. Bridging economic, racial, and social divisions, AFH enriches urban communities by introducing young people's creativity to the business community.​


I am so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Little Donkey in supporting the Artists for Humanity organization and I look forward to continuing to do my part in helping to spread joy, positivity, and love in the Greater Boston community.

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About the Artist

Joe Taveras is an American roboticist, designer, and artist who began painting at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic (March 2020). Having had no formal training, he used his time in quarantine to engage in rapid experimentation with an array of styles and mediums in order to truthfully convey his vision. He consistently aims to push the boundaries of innovation with his art, exploring new techniques that reflect his inner and outer environment, questioning our collective future, social norms, and our interminable integration with technology. Currently, Joe Taveras is represented by world-renowned art gallery Galerie Michael in Beverly Hills, CA.

Since beginning to paint just under two years ago, over 200 of his artworks have been acquired into private collections in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Sweden, Paris, Spain, the Middle East, Ghana, Vietnam, and more.

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