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36 x 60in Mixed Media on Canvas


Emerging from a chaotic yet peaceful textural background, the center body of isolated vibrance explores a very unique color combination. 

-- Mixed Media on pre-stretched Canvas
- Unique Drawing on the Back
- Signed & Dated with Signature Black Edges
- Certificate of Authenticity included
- All Sales Final

Private Collection, New York

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About the Artist

Joe Taveras is an American roboticist, designer, and artist who has spent the majority of his career selling robots around the world. A creative from the outset, his art initially consisted of eclectic musical compositions. It wasn’t until the arrival of the pandemic (March 2020) that he migrated to a new medium: painting. Having had no formal training, he used his time in quarantine to engage in rapid experimentation with an array of styles and mediums in order to truthfully convey his vision. He consistently aims to push the boundaries of innovation with his art, exploring new techniques that reflect his inner and outer environment, questioning our collective future, social norms, and our interminable integration with technology.

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