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(click on the underlined titles below to access each collection) 

The Elements

        ( 1/16/21  -  1/24/21)

Neo-Neo Expressionism

        ( 1/7/21  -  1/9/21)

Brushed Metal

        ( 12/3/20  -  12/11/20)

Inspired by dreams of cascading forms - all interconnected with underlying messages of what connects all of us.

Taking inspiration from a couple of early paintings I had made, these paintings made over the course of 3 days explore new concepts, new styles, and new color palettes in the New Year.

These two weeks consisted of a carefully selected color palette that reflected a luxurious peak into the future. Taking on a more neo-expressionistic technique, the details within these paintings of various sizes showcase a maturation of previous styles.


        ( 9/20/20  -  11/22/20)

Brave New World

        ( 11/6/20  -  11/14/20)

Election Week 2020

        ( 11/2/20  -  11/5/20)

A collection of collaboration paintings with Boston-based artist Katie Southworth. In this style of form, which I have come to call Refractive Cubism, images and shapes emerge from my subjective experience of Katie’s intuitive deflection of light with patterns of color relationships.

New styles, new palettes, new techniques, and new stories inspired by visions of tomorrow.

All paintings created during a significant week in American History: the 2020 Election Week.

Big Paintings!

        ( 10/25/20  -  10/31/20)

Days After New York

        ( 10/18/20  -  10/24/20)

I have always dreamt about creating huge paintings. This week, I decided to try it out.

After visiting New York City for the first time since the February, I came back to Boston with a lot of inspiration and a desire to go bigger with my paintings. This desire led me to paint on wood that I found laying around.


        ( 10/2/20  -  10/18/20)

A Mixed Media Collection inspired by new connections, travel to familiar places, and visions of the year 3030.

New Beginnings

        ( 9/15/20  -  10/2/20)

Officially moved into my first real studio space in the SoWa Arts District in Boston on 9/15/2020. This is a collection of the work that has been made there in the first couple weeks.

Days Before the Studio 

        ( 9/1/20  -  9/15/20)

In the days leading up to moving into my first art studio, I was inspired by a gift of 60 Acrylic paints.


        ( 8/21/20  -  8/31/20)

Was introduced to Watercolour paints and Oil Sticks and had an interesting week.


        ( 7/13/20  -  8/14/20 )

Every day/week/month/year I plan out my objectives that I want to accomplish. These pencil & ink drawings were created on the back of the Objectives from 2019 & early 2020 providing a relevant juxtaposition between my logical business side and my creative side.

The Move

        ( 6/20/20  -  7/6/20 )

Moved across the country. 

We are all merely spectators in an immutable ​Universe. 


        ( 4/11/20  -  5/8/20 )

        ( 3/15/20  -  4/11/20 )

As soon as I realized I was going to be staying in LA in Early March 2020, I acquired a significant amount of art supplies. These are the creations from the early days of the Pandemic.

Fairmont / TED

        ( 5/7/2019 )

A collection of thoughts written over the course of twenty minutes from a hotel room overlooking an airfield in Vancouver. I was in Vancouver for the Annual TED Conference, surrounded by innovators, titans of industry, and world leaders. These thoughts were inspired by a week's worth of perspective gained. Currently, these slips of paper live in between the books on my bookshelf.

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