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Artist Statement

Joe Taveras

As a robotics distributor, I come into contact with an immense amount of technologies that offer me a glimpse into the future. My paintings are inspired by my daily observations as a roboticist, but also by the predictions of future technologies that arise within my mind. I am a completely self taught artist and though my journey began in March 2020, my creative output since then has been incessant. I would say I paint for anywhere between 5-18 hours a day. Inspired by Cubism, Italian Futurism, and more contemporary works of art by Jean-Michel Basquiat and George Condo, I aim to capture a futuristic graffiti aesthetic in my paintings. Often times my work aims to tell a positive story of the future while acknowledging ethical shortcomings in the technology being built today.

For three years, I have served as a Marketing Director for a leading personal robotics company. I spread robotic technology around the world and my many travels have put me face to face with the beauty of innovation and its never-ending impact on the individuals of this planet. In my art, I tell the stories of the people that I met and interacted with throughout my travels. From Tokyo to Melbourne, Berlin to Kentucky, Miami to New York City, the connections I made will forever inspire me to be the storyteller I aspire to be.

To gain more information on the artist, American Futurism, or on any paintings in particular, please email

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