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Artwork Series: The Summer 23 Series by Joe Taveras (2023)

In August of 2023, artist Joe Taveras released his Summer 23 Series - a new body of work created across three months. The works in this Series dive deep into the topics of self-exploration, religion, quantum physics, and mythology.

Stylistically, this Series pushes the aesthetic and conceptual framework of American Futurism further as medium-sized vibrant paintings become a point of focus for the artist. Three months of constant conceptual study and studio practice led to an explosion of creation and this period is regarded as one of the the most prolific of the artist's life thus far. For context, in the Winter of 2023, the artist only worked on four artworks in the span of three months - relative to the large series that is the Summer 23 Series, this difference is quite drastic.

A large portion of the Series was quickly collected by private collectors.

Explore the series here:

Artworks by Joe Taveras


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