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Summer 23 Series

STUDIO: The Atelier

Since June 2023, I have been painting in an old building that has been out of use for many years. Without running water or electricity, it was a bit rough around the edges - this of course was not an issue, but a muse. As soon as I saw the space I already knew what it was going to look like filled with canvases. I spent three months narrowing in on that vision every day. 

The Atelier (Scan)_edited.png

The Atelier

The studio, which I call 'The Atelier', is a two-story building with 10 different rooms that I was able to make a mess in. Each room had a completely different energy. There was a sculpture room, a music studio, a shipping dept., an office, a bank vault, and more. Each day I began in the office, tackling administrative work, setting goals, and managing distribution. I spent a lot of time studying as well, diving into deep study of quantum physics, world religions, and ancient mythologies. It was so exciting getting to see how these concepts would flow through the halls into the painting rooms and onto the canvas every day. 


The Main Painting Room

The Booth

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